Searchboost Leading Toronto SEO Provider

SearchBoost is the leading SEO Services provider in Toronto. We pride ourselves on offering service that really help you get the page #1 rankings you’re looking for. SearchBoost is the only Canadian SEO Provider that offers Performance SEO.
Not every business is the same which is why we offer customized solutions for each client. We work with your budget to make Your SEO campaign a Success.

Search Boost Custom Pricing Plans

Your business needs a new approach to Search Engine Optimization. Let’s build a Custom Pricing Plan that tailors to your company’s SEO needs, without burning a hole in your pocket!

At Search Boost,we understand that every business is different from each other. So that’s why we don’t offer flat rate packages because they don’t always produce the best results. We’re all about building relationships with our clients and want to help you maximize your internet visibility and Return on Investment without breaking the bank.

Why are Custom Pricing Plans Better than Regular Plans?

Our Custom Pricing Plans are better than regular plans because we simply put: we’re affordable and effective! We provide a new beginning to your online presence, while we develop a custom pricing plan that helps allocate your company’s resources efficiently.

Benefits of Search Boost Custom Pricing Plans

We offer Search Engine Optimization services for your company’s keywords to rank higher on popular search portals without going over your company’s budget.

Check out the benefits of choosing Search Boosts Custom Pricing Plans:

  • We deliver a range of specific strategies and measurable tasks related to your SEO campaigns.
  • We collaborate together to develop a custom pricing plan that is affordable and saves you money.
  • Our SEO services generate conversions and increase your online presence on Google and major search engines.

Come to us for your SEO and be amazed. Send us an email to receive a quote and let’s get the show on the road!

Do other companies do hybrid pricing?

There are a few other companies who claim to do hybrid priced SEO packages. However, with a little bit of diligence you soon realize that their version of performance goals are those that are purely aesthetic.

What I mean by this, is that the “Goals” tied into the plan are goals that won’t benefit your business at all, and instead is just used as a selling feature. For example, they might say that you won’t pay the higher rate until they reach your goals, and in the fine print they will clarify that the “goals” mean either

1. A general increase in rankings (Your website might move from page #10 to page #8 and you’re liable to pay the higher invoice rate)

2. Goals can be on ANY search engine (Bing, yahoo, ask and all of the other search engines are far behind Google and still very easy to rank. They bring about 1/1000th of the traffic Google does)

3. Lastly, they might set goals that can be any of the pre-defined keywords are reaching page #1, where maybe 1 keyword which is very long-tail and has no search traffic reaches the first page.